SIM TechExec 2024 Sponsorship Opportunities

Position your organization as a thought leader and solutions provider to technology leaders by participating as a sponsor at SIM TechExec 2024! 

Sponsorships are designed to create intentional opportunities to connect with CIOs and gain insight into how CIOs are thinking about, and starting to plan for the “third horizon”, what lies ahead in the not-so-distant future.   

Presentations will focus on four key topic areas: 
1. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): Sentience Unleashed
2. Hybrid Workforce: Beyond Human-Robot Collaboration
3. Third Horizon Digital Twins: The Virtual Prototyping of Existence
4. Cybersecurity Evolved: Forestalling the Nation-State Cyberthreat


SIM TechExec 2024 will provide the insights to help organizations prepare for long-term sleeper agent threats, ensuring robustness in partnerships, supply chains, and broader ecosystems compromised by geopolitical forces.

To discuss these exclusive and limited-availability opportunities please complete the interest form: 

2024 TechExec Sponsors