SIM TechExec: Unlock Your Blueprint for Success in the Third Horizon

SIM TechExec 2024 is your gateway to understanding these challenges and seizing the opportunities they present. This exclusive conference is tailored for forward-thinking technology executives, who are determined to lead their organizations into the future. 

Dive deep into the critical future-impact areas: 

1. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): Sentience Unleashed
Discover the future of AGI where machines achieve human-like intelligence. Learn about its potential to transform problem-solving, natural language understanding, and adaptability. Equip yourself with the insights to leverage AGI in your strategic planning.

2. Hybrid Workforce: Beyond Human-Robot Collaboration
Explore the future of a symbiotic human-robot workforce. Understand the new productivity paradigms, workplace culture, and ethical considerations. Prepare your organization for the socio-economic implications of this revolutionary shift.

3. Third Horizon Digital Twins: The Virtual Prototyping of Existence
Uncover the transformative potential of digital twins beyond asset monitoring. Delve into radical applications in healthcare and medicine that promise to revolutionize treatment and health outcomes. Be at the forefront of this groundbreaking technology.

4. Cybersecurity Evolved: Forestalling the Nation-State Cyberthreat
Stay ahead of state-sponsored cyber threats with strategies to combat long-term sleeper agents. Learn how to safeguard your partnerships, supply chains, and broader ecosystems against geopolitical cyber risks.

Interested in submitting a presentation for consideration in one of these four key areas?  Submit your abstract today!

Attend SIM TechExec 2024 and:
- Engage with your peers, leading experts and pioneering thinkers.
- Collaborate and build relationships with your peers from coast to coast. 
- Gain actionable insights that will empower you to steer your organization toward future success.

Early Bird Registration is now open. The knowledge and connections you’ll gain will be invaluable. Don’t miss this chance to transform your vision into reality.

IT Procurement Professionals

SIM TechExec will once again be held in conjunction with TechServe Alliance Executive Summit and will include members of SIM's IT Procurement Working Group (ITPWG). The ITPWG will host their own track of sessions and will join the entire conference community for specific general and keynote sessions. Our hope is that by inviting our ITPWG community to the conference, we will foster collaboration among the different professions and be able to offer another perspective and viewpoint on the industry trends. Registration is being offered at a steep discounted rate for our IT Procurement Working Group and is open to any IT Procurement Professionals.